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Eyewear manufacture is a booming industry. Rapid advancements take place every year in this sector. The competitiveness of this industry calls for constant innovations. In 2014, many p ray ban website official rominent advancements and styles have occurred. Below are some of the latest additions to the eyewear industry. Pastel Frames by Marc Jacobs For their 2014 summer collection, Marc Jacobs launched new frame designs in flashy colors. Their frames for women come in bold shapes, translucent pastel materials and striped patterns. The latest Marc Jacobs style is MJ 542, a design that provides a sophisticated and retro look. It comes in beige grey or cherry for women, and the mens version, MJ 536, comes in black. Google Glass soon to achieve the normal look In the beginning of 2014, Google Glass opened its gates for customers, though it wasnt liked by many because of i ray ban glasses sale ts geeky a where to buy ray ban wayfarer nd weird look. Recently, the company announced its pl...
Like one must see the Eiffel Tower once in a lifetime, it is a must to own a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses once in your life! There may be numerous fancy designer brands of sunglasses doing the rounds, but none has reached the iconic status enjoyed by Ray-Ban for decades. Every proud owner of a pair of Ray-Bans vouches for the cool looks and exceptional quality of these sunnies. But its worth findi ray ban website official ng out what makes them a must-have for everyone. A piece of ray ban wayfarer blue history The popularity of Ray Ban sunglasses is unparalleled. No other brand of sunglasses has a rich history like Ray-Bans. Born in the 1930s to protect American aviators from the glare of the sun, the brand managed to capture the imagination of one and all, and continues to do so. When you sport a pair of Ray-Ban shades, you are carrying a fascinating piece of history with you. Celeb quotient From Generals to movie stars and rock stars to Presidents, there is not a single category...
Whether youre a celebrity looking for anonymity or a young fashionista who wishes to stand out, mirror sunglasses can do the trick for you. Earlier worn by celebrities to avoid public glare, mirror shades have come back to the fashion scene with a bang, and from college kids to ultra-glam celebs, all have been spotted sporting this trendy accessory. Mirror sunglasses are the biggest fashion trend this summer. They not only provide enhanced protection to your precious eyes, but also add oodles of style and confidence to your look. Glare no more Its not just a style statement that makes mirrored shades a must-have. They are particularly effective when it comes to protecting ones eyes from bright sun light. Mirror coating reflects the light away from the wearer, hence reducing strain on the eyes. With a reflective optical coating, these sunglasses reduce the amount of light passing through the tinted lenses and reduces glare while retaining contrast. A pair of mirror sunglasses keeps ...
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